Huff is designed for developing highly optimized algorithms where direct manipulation of the program's bytecode is preferred.

Huff is a domain-specific language created for the purposes of writing highly optimized Ethereum Virtual Machine program code and, ultimately, smart contracts.

Huff enables the construction of EVM assembly macros - blocks of bytecode that can be rigorously tested and evaluated. Macros can themselves be composed of Huff macros.

Huff doesn't hide the workings of the EVM behind syntactic sugar. In fact, Huff doesn't hide anything at all. Huff does not have variables, instead directly exposing the EVM's program stack to the developer to be directly manipulated.

Huff supports a form of templating - Huff macros can accept template parameters, which in turn are Huff macros. This allows for customizable macros that are ideal for loop unrolling.

Huff algorithms can be broken down into their constituent macros and rigorously ested without having to split the algorithm into functions and invoke jump instructions.

Additional resources

If you would like to learn more about Huff, please refer to our Github repo or Zac's series of articles on Medium.