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Welcome to the zk.money docs page, here you can find all the information about zk.money and how to use it safely. We recommend going through the docs before using the app.


zk.money is a Layer 2 privacy app built on top of the Aztec network. Ethereum users can use it to shield tokens and protect their transaction data from the public. Shielding a token means having it under a zkSNARK (zero-knowledge proofs cryptography) shell that protects the user’s privacy. Sending and receiving a token is anonymous, and does not publish any of the transaction’s data publicly.

Risks of Use

It is responsible for projects using bleeding-edge cryptography, to highlight the risks of use. Given the absence of an external audit, zk.money should be view as experimental software.
Internally the Aztec team has conducted two internal audits of the network, described here. After patching the resultant security flaws, we have high confidence in the soundness and security of our cryptography.
Users are nonetheless reminded to use any new cryptographic system with extreme caution, and to remember that you do so at your own risk.